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Why Should I Come Along?

Building your business by word-of-mouth marketing is very effective!

Joining TBA is like having your own team of sales people looking for opportunities for you each and every day – because your fellow members carry your contact details with them and refer your services to the people they meet throughout the week.

We are always keen to welcome new people to either visit us or to join TBA.


Why Should I Join and How Much Does It Cost?

By joining the TBA Business Networking Group, you ‘lock out’ your competitors from attending meetings and makes you the sole supplier to the the group.

Unlike other networking groups or franchises, we operate a free membership. That’s right, FREE! As we don’t have to pay anyone further up the chain, all attendance fees go back into the group. This is then used to help market the group and ultimately your business.

Our only stipulation of becoming a member is to show commitment by setting up a standing order of £30 a month to cover breakfast, meeting room hire, web presence and exclusive membership. If you are unable to attend for any reason, we ask that as far as possible, you provide a substitute to represent you and your business. This not only maintains healthy numbers but also keeps your business in mind!

Benefits of Membership

• Increased exposure to many other people and businesses.
• Substantially increased referrals.
• Dedicated page on the TBA website to promote your business.
• Members support for your business.
• Some fun social events.


I’m Interested! What Next?

If you would like to attend a meeting as a guest then follow these simple steps.

1. Check that your profession does not conflict with our current members. There’s nothing worse to turn up at a meeting to discover ‘there’s no room in the inn’. You can view the list of TBA members here.

2. Send an email to info@thamesidebusinessassoc.co.uk stating what date you would like to attend. You can also use the online contact form.

We’ll book you in and confirm via email your attendance. In preparation for your visit, take a look at our Meeting Agenda page.

Thameside Business Association - Business Networking Group for Shepperton, Sunbury, Staines upon Thames, Ashford, Walton upon Thames and surrounding areas

Our Members

What Our Members Have To Say

Thameside Business Association member - Barry Brambor
I found the Thameside Business Association to be one of the most friendly breakfast groups I have ever encountered, from the first day I walked into the room, I was welcomed with open arms, almost felt like my long lost family! 2 years on….They really do feel like my family now.
Barry Brambor, Fixit & Mendit
Thameside Business Association member - Kevin Ring
I have been a member of TBA for over 7 years, during that time it has provided me with a base to meet new people and network, it gives me the opportunity to meet like minded small business owners to share experiences. I would strongly recommend TBA if you want to grow your business and meet a great bunch of people.
Kevin Ring, Plasterhawks
Thameside Business Association member - Ruth Fogg
I have been a member of this group for 13 years! I have made good friends as well as giving and receiving business over the years. When you see people regularly, get to know and trust them, then its easy to refer without doubts about their professionalism. Obviously it works for me!
Ruth Fogg, Stressworx
Thameside Business Association member - Rosemary Farrel
Since joining TBA 3 years ago I have acquired and passed business through his friendly genuine group without too much regime. It’s a great way to interact with other sole traders and free to join. I especially like the fortnightly meetings. What more could you want?
Rosemary Farrell, Romatherapies
As a recent member it was wonderful to receive a warm welcome by a group of people who are friendly and helpful.
Christine Rogers, Utility Warehouse