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About TBA

The essence of TBA is that although the meeting takes place at breakfast the sole reason for coming is to network and to build your relationship with other members to generate business opportunities and build partnerships with each other.

At the heart of the TBA meeting is the “60 Seconds” slot. This is each member’s opportunity to take a minute to tell everyone at the meeting all about their business, the kind of leads they are looking for and anything at all that will help the other members generate business for them.

A minute may seem to be the briefest of speeches, but at TBA we’ve developed a system to harness the power of this format, and anyone who joins is offered a mentor to help introduce techniques such as the memory hook, and effective ways to ensure that the message is remembered.

This system has immense practical benefits outside TBA, where in real-life networking situations, the TBA member is confident enough to be able to give an instant and concise account of what they do.

On a round robin basis, we also have a ten minute spot for each member to tell us more about themselves and their business, and what we can do to help them and them help us.

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