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Christine RogersIndependent Distributor - Utility Warehouse

Independent Distributor

Christine Rogers – Utility Warehouse

Christine is an Independent Distributor partnered with a British FTSE 250 company called Utility Warehouse The Discount Club. They are a totally unique company in that they are the only multi-utility company in the UK providing all your essential services, gas, electricity, home phone, broadband and mobile on one single monthly bill, with one monthly direct debit. This gives convenience and helps with budgeting.

The company, however, is not an energy or communications company but a free discount club, which is a totally different concept altogether. The more services members can take, the more savings they can make. In addition, members can reduce their bills with cashback on their shopping, both online and in-store, have free latest technology LED light bulbs installed, which can reduce their electricity bill by around 11% a year (terms and conditions apply), plus other benefits and savings to help reduce members bills, as well as making their lives easier.

Their aim is to become the nations most trusted supplier. They are totally committed to its members and want to be seen to be different to other companies. All customers are treated fairly and ethically, with existing customers benefiting from any new products or benefits that the company launches as well as new customers. There are minimum contracts, as the company want members to stay because they are happy and not because they have to.

The company relies on word of mouth recommendation rather than wasting its customer’s money on advertising and 93% of its members said they would recommend Utility Warehouse to a friend. The company has won numerous awards from Which? Magazine and other organisations and has recently come in as the top rated utility company in the UK by the Institute of Customer Service, with only three of their competitors making the top 50.

Christine became a Utility Warehouse customer over four years and a half years ago. A year later she decided to become a distributor, working part time, from home, to supplement her income. She is now retired from full time work and so, as well as supplementing her pension, it provides her with a challenge and a daily focus for her life. She offers a free no obligation service where she shows people what the discount club has to offer and then leaves the decision up to them.

If you are looking for savings, simplicity and excellent customer service, or even a way to earn an extra income, why not take a look into how Utility Warehouse The Discount Club can benefit you. Contract Christine for further information.

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