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A Typical TBA Meeting Agenda

Below is a brief overview of what to expect at a normal meeting:


Arrive, book in and place your breakfast order. Choices are Full English or Continental. Grab a tea or coffee and meet members and other guests for informal networking.


Sit down at table and welcome from the chairman. Introduction to the group, key people within the group and explain the format of the meeting.

60 Second Slot
Each member and visitor spends 60 seconds briefly educating other members and visitors about their business, the service or products they offer, how the members can help them and what sort of referrals they are looking for. During this the box containing members’ business card will be circulated for members and visitors to take cards that they need and for members to top up the box. Visitors will also be encouraged to pass round their own cards so remember to bring plenty with you.

Breakfast is served and more informal networking is continued across the table.

Member’s Business Presentation
One member each week is given an opportunity to present a more detailed overview of their business. This is followed by any questions that members or visitors may have. 

Referrals and Testimonials
This is where everybody at the meeting gets the chance to give out qualified business referrals and testimonials and to make positive comments about the meeting.

Any other Business plus Future dates for meetings and events
Keeping everybody up to date with the number of opportunities that have been passed between us, the amount of declared business that has been done, checking that referrals have been followed up, announcing and discussing any changes in the association and any planned events.

Meeting Close


English breakfast



Plenty of Business Cards
You will have a chance to network and pass your business cards round to all members and other visitors.

This is a contribution towards the meeting room hire, tea/coffee and breakfast.
Your first breakfast is free!


A 60 Second Synopsis of Your Business
You will also get chance to tell us what area of business you are in and how we could help you.


A Bit of Prior Knowledge
Have you had a look at our members page? You might be able to identify some potential suppliers and clients to look out for at the meeting.


A Smile
We are a friendly bunch so you bound to get a smile in return.